Hero vs Hero (HvH)

Hero Battles/Hero vs Hero (HvH)


Guild Wars Nightfall added a new core PvP type – Hero Battles. The term ‘Core” PvP is a bit different in this case. It is located on the Battle Isles, the home of all core PvP, but you need Heroes, and thus, Nightfall, to take part in the gametype. It is Guild Wars answer to 1 vs 1 PvP complat, but not quite. There is 1 player per team, and 3 heroes. The game involves, like Alliance Battles, controlling points around the map by controlling your heroes.


There is also an automatic tournament system around it, or ATS, just like GvG. However, it is much easier to organise these tournaments simply because it is only 1 person. GvG needs 8 people from across the globe to be present, while HvH is just the 1 person per team. The major flaw of the gametype is the reliance on Hero AI to use the skillbar you give them, for they seem incapable of using skills in the bizarre fashions that PvP has forged. For example, Mending Touch, a touch range condition removal skill used for self condition removal in PvP, is used by the AI to remove conditions from others instead.


This makes Hero Battles not only a game of who can manage their heroes, but also a game of who can make skillbars that heroes will use properly without needing too much micro-managment.