We are a friendly guild with members from across the world, and from a good selection of countries! We like the fun side of MMORPG gaming.

We are mainly PvE based, but with the help of our Allies and newer guildies, guys with great PvP knowledge, we are hoping to build a good and loyal team to fight our PvP teams in the different MMO’s we play.

Our leader, Lonesamurai, has been running the guild since the Guild Wars betas, so has quite a huge knowledge of the game. Underneath him is a group of loyal officers that run the guild with Lonesamurai’s leadership and some of the most fun and funny guildies we’ve had the pleasure of knowing in the guild.


 Wolf Pack Samurai has been around since 2004, recently undergoing some fairly huge changes. With the addition of some very experienced players and some new ones that are learning fast, we want to have a huge amount of fun playing the games we love!

There is a forum for all guildies and anyone who is interested in alliances or want to play new games the guild could be part of. Follow the link in the menu. Its full of useful info, character builds, dye charts, and just some general banter!

There is also a tutorial of how to download Axon. Meaning that we can all have a chat while we are playing rather than have to stop and type!

Welcome to Wolf Pack Samurai…