Alliance Battles (AB)

Alliance Battles (AB)


Alliance Battles are a PvP mode introduced in Guild Wars: Factions, and can only be played on an account with that campaign. It is based soley around conquering territory and pushing into enemy lands as represented by the Faction wars line through the center of the world map in Guild Wars Factions. This represents the war between the Luxon and Kurzick factions and their attempts to conquer each others lands.


In game terms, you take a group of four people into a match, and are joined by two other groups of four people from your Faction, and fight three groups of four people from the opposing Faction on a set of special Control Points maps. These maps have seven control points which grant one point every ten seconds to the team holding those points, and also on every kill the team makes.


To control a point, you must have more people (including NPC’s) than the opposing team on a Control Point. You gain one ‘pip’ of power on a control bar for each person/NPC. If the opposing team of the points affiliation has more people, the bar will gain negative pips degenerating the bar until it is an uncontested point, then the same amount of regeneration until it is captured. Capturing the point grants bonuses and NPC’s to the team that holds it.


The first team to reach 500 points, or hold all seven points for one minute, will win. The team that is on the defensive will gain Alliance Faction equal to the points they had at the end, as well as both teams on the ‘Saltspray island’ neutral map. Offensive teams on away map disadvantage will gain Alliance faction equal to twice the points they had on level 1 defensive maps, and three times the Faction on level 2 defensive maps. The winning team is also rewarded with an extra 500 ALliance Faction.