Guild vs Guild (GvG)

Guild vs Guild (GvG)


Guild vs Guild gameplay in Guild Wars is the highest level of PvP the game offers. It allows two Guilds to face off on the Guild Hall used by the lower rated Guild, with each team trying to accomplish the same objectives: holding a central flag stand and killing the enemy Guilds Lord.


To accomplish this, the Guilds are free to utilise their team of 8 how they see fit. Maps have at least two routes to the enemy base, one of which has the maps flag stand. Maps offer their own unique hazards and benefits, such as the Burning Isles lava pits scattered around the map which cause burning and cripple anyone attempting to walk through, or the Isle of Wurms health shrine, which grants an extra 120 health to each member of the team holding the shrine, or the Warrior Isles catapult which can deal tremendous damage to anyone caught under the blast.


Getting into an enemy base also depends on the map. Some maps have open Guild Halls, where both teams are free to walk in and out at will. These halls generally have some method of stopping the enemy get to the base more easily, such as the Jade Isles alternate route which is very close to the primary route. Other maps have locked gates which require the use of the Guild Thief to enter.


Once you have entered an enemy base, there are numerous NPCs scattered around the base. Most of these are Archers, which will use Pin Down to slow enemies in their base, and Troll Unguent to heal themselves. Near the Guild Lord there are Knights, which are Warriors with Sever Artery and Healing signet, and a Bodyguard, which is an elementalist. The Guild Lord itself is a formidable opponent, which can take incredible amounts of damage to kill. There is also an automatic tournament system, or ATS, which allows your Guild to enter into regular tournaments to fight against other Guilds. These tournaments give you tournament reward points for winning, which can be used to buy rare skinned equipment for PvP characters.