Heroes Ascent (HA)

Heroes Ascent (HA)

Heroes Ascent is the highest level of Arena based PvP combat in Guild Wars. Players form into groups and head into the Mists, where the fight their way to the Hall of Heroes. Heroes Ascent offers a variety of gametypes on it’s many maps.



Pure team vs team death match. Each team must kill the other team, and killing the enemies Ghostly Hero grants a 2% morale boost, which, more importantly, recharges Resurrection Signets.


Priest Annihilation

Same concept as Annihilation, except each team has a Priest. If the enemy Priest is not killed, anyone who dies will be resurrected every 2 minutes at the Priest shrine. To win, you must kill the entire enemy team as well as their Priest.


Relic Run

Each team has a Ghostly Hero and a Relic pad. You must get the enemies Relic off their Relic pad, and run it to your own Ghostly Hero, with 10 minutes to do it. This will score a point for your team. Whoever scored the last point has a star by their score. To win, you must either capture 3 more relics than the other team, have more Relics captured when the time runs out, or, if you both have the same amount at the end of the round, have a star by your score by having captured the last relic of the round.


Killing an enemy Ghostly hero stops it from claiming Relics until it is resurrected at a 2 minute resurrection, as well as granting a morale boost.


King of the Hill

These maps revolve around multiple teams fighting over a central hill. Getting your Ghostly Hero to the hill will let the Hero claim it, which means your team is king of the hill. Other Heroes will try to claim it, which means you need to either kill them before the claim it from under you, or interrupt them while they are claiming. At the end of the round, the team holding the hill will win.


Kill Count

You gain kills based on which team did the most damage to a character within 10 seconds of it dying, to stop teams from ‘kill stealing’ in matches with more than 2 teams. The team with the highest kill count at the end wins, and like Relic runs, the last team to get a kill gets a star. In the case of a tie, the team with the star wins.


Capture Points

Gain points for holding Capture Points. Simple. The team at the end with more points wins the round.


Relic Offering

Each Team has a Relic at their shrine. Each time you manage to run a Relic of your own to the centre shrine, you gain a point, much like Relic Runs. But you are running your own Relic. The team with the most offerings at the end of the round wins, or the team with the star in the case of a tie.


The Chest

At the end of a round of Hall of Heroes, the winning team gets a special reward for each member from a chest. These range from Celestial Sigils for buying Guild Halls, to armour with runes to extremely rare loot such as Crystalline Swords.



You game fame for winning games in Heroes Ascent. Fame gives you Rank, which in turn gives you special Emotes depending on your rank. You gain 1 fame for each consecutive win, to a maximum of 10 fame per win. First round will give 1 fame, second round will give 2 fame, and so on, until you are gaining 10 fame per round.