Competition Arenas/Random Arenas (CA/RA)

Competition Arenas/Random Arenas (CA/RA)


Although these are called Competition Arenas, the are commonly referred to as Random Arenas, for the reason that teams are completely random. They are seen as the lowest form of Core PvP, because it is very much luck based, not skill based. You are dependant on the matchmaking system to pair you with other people that actually know what they are doing. Ironically, competition arenas have the least competition in them of the Core PvP types. There are 3 gametypes played in Competition Arenas.


Kill the other team. Simple.


Priest Annihilation
Kill the other team. However, they have a Priest, which resurrects them every 2 minutes. The Priest must be killed as well as the other team.


Kill Count
Kill as many people as possible. Every kill your team gets gives you 1 point. Team with the highest score at the end wins.