As well as hardcore titles such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, the Wolf Pack Samurai guild also play some more casual titles together too. One of our main casual games is Minecraft, as it allows the community to stick together while also embracing their more creative energies.


Wolf Pack Samurai’s main server of choice is the Sanitarium.FM server, which is ran by our partners at Sanitarium.FM and maintained by Staff that includes members of this very guild! To connect, you can use the server address of “wolfpacksamurai.co.uk” or “sanitarium.fm” and name the server whatever you like 😉


Why not take a look of what’s going on in the server right now? Below is a LIVE rendering of our server map also showing the current locations of players. If you have logged in to our server recently, you can even chat to them right here!


The map features an in-building default spawn with guest accommodation and basic starting tools (please remember to return them should you leave the area!), offering a welcoming environment to Minecraft players young and old. When you feel like exploring out further, you’ll find structures such as villages, buildings, railways and more all built by our very own listeners and Staff; and lots of wide open space with many different biomes if you want to claim some space as your own. Your creations might even get shown on PredictedCyborg’s weekly CraftWatch show on YouTube, which features tours of interesting features on our server; and reports on the latest news both here and in Minecraft as a whole. And don’t forget! By donating to either Wolf Pack Samurai or Sanitarium.FM you’ll temporarily be given access to Creative Mode!