Guild Rules and Guidelines

Guild Rules and Guidelines


Rules and Guidelines of the Wolf Pack Samurai


Here are the Wolf Pack Samurai rules and guidelines… We don’t like having to have them, but they have to be in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, we want happy guildies, and so have to be a little organised!!!


The rules that we have can be enforced by the Guild Leader or any Officer. We run a “three strikes and your out” system. If you aren’t happy with the fact that you have had a warning, contact Lonesamurai and let him know. He’ll be more than happy to look into it and make a decision based on what he thinks is best. If you believe a warning is needed or see/hear anything that is not acceptable, speak to Lonesamurai, or an Officer and let them know what happened.


If someone needs a warning, we will give it.


So please read and take in our rules and guidelines…




1. Under no circumstances ask another member of the guild for money…


Asking to borrow money is not right!


However, asking other guild members for help farming for cash is fine and perfectly acceptable…


There will be articles on the website regarding how to farm and make money in whichever game you happen to play, so please refer to the website and forum for more information…


Plus the forum will soon have a trading post for posting weapons and special items you want to sell.


Although, if an Officer does offer you some Gold in game, it is considered a gift from that officer, please feel free to accept that gift from them, they are just being generous.


2.Decisions the Guild Leader and/or officers make are final!


However, if you have a possibly better idea, instead of getting upset as a lot of players do, ask for a moment of the leaders/officers time and ask them to listen to your idea or suggestion…


You can also use the forum to post new ideas for anything the guild is doing, be it the Website, forum, new games we could join in and play together


If the Officer involved still will not listen to your suggestion/idea, please message Lonesamurai and mention what has happened and he will deal with it, deciding who was right… The officers and Leader are players just like yourself and are always open to better/quicker ideas, unless it is not feasible, then they will tell you why it isn’t possible and that will be the end of it…


Only the guild leader is responsible for finishing guild arguments! They WILL NOT spill out in party chat with non-guild members and ESPECIALLY not in towns and outposts in the game!


3. Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia, Ageism and Bullying in the guild WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!


Unlike the other rules for the guild, this rule has an instant guild kick… No appeals from the player will be heard and all website and forum privileges will be stopped!


Don’t do it, you’ll be kicked from the guild and you will also be reported to the games support for a possible Kick/ban from the game! They won’t put up with it and neither will we!


Guild vs Guild (Guild Wars 1)


The way we work the guild battle process in our Guild is to meet at a pre arrange time that is posted on the forum, at which time we will look at builds and team set-up and makes any necessary tweaks. This can take some time so please be patient. We also take a trip to HA, to get in a little practice and to see how well we work together and it gives us time to make any changes.


This is to ensure we have the utmost chance of winning. Now I know there have been some problems in the past and people have not liked this, but unfortunately, if we were going to do Guild Battles seriously, we have to all be practised and work as a team… So, we have a few GvG guide lines that will be followed if members want to take part in a Guild Battle…


1.You need to sign up on the forum and say that you would like to be in the GvG team, posting what position/build you can play.


2.You need to be on time to Guild Battles… It is really frustrating having to wait around for late people.


3.You need to get Axon. It is a fantastic program that means we can all talk to each other via microphone, rather than having to stop and type, which quite frankly, there isn’t enough time for anyway! Even if you don’t have a microphone, you need Axon so you can at least hear what is being said. There is a Tutorial on the Forum on how to use it, it’s dead easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have any problems!


4.If you have said that you want to GvG, we expect you to be there for every battle, unless we know you can’t make it. If for some reason you can’t make it, kindly leave a message on the forum or message an officer in game. It’s the polite thing to do, and at least we aren’t sat around waiting for you or getting mad that you haven’t turned up!


All of these followed, there is no reason why we can’t GvG regularly and be in a position to win! Guild Officers!


We get a lot of new members asking how to become an officer and there are two ways of doing it…


1.Knowing Lonesamurai in the outside world… at least then he knows he can trust you!


2.Having an Officer put you forward for Officer status and then having it agreed by all the Officers at an Officer meeting… It will be put to a vote and if yes, it will be action-ed! The Officer putting you forward has to have a good reason to put you forward though, or it won’t go to vote. (Lonesamurai actually doesn’t get a vote! He is just actions the decision and makes sure us officers are giving a legitimate reason for someone being nominated!)


Even if these two items are met and you are put forward for officership, you will not be granted the place as an officer unless you, a) are a regular forum user and b) use the Vent server! These are Non-negotiable! However, that’s it, there is no other way of becoming an officer, apologies for that, but there is only so many officers we can have.