[Blog] A New Day Dawns!

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[Blog] A New Day Dawns!

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Hey guys, i know we've been quiet recently and I intend to change that, starting with our new website that Crimsonshade and I are building right now

For a sneak peak, head over to http://www.wolfpacksamurai.co.uk/wordpress/, (old version for comparison is here: http://www.wolfpacksamurai.co.uk/) you can't sign up, but that will change soon, HOWEVER, you CAN sign upto the forum (if this is down due to maintenance, message me on here and I will help you do it!) and your forum sign up with migrate onto the website too

Ok, games we are currently active in:
Guild Wars 2
Star Trek Online
and we also have an active Minecraft server which you can access using either the radio station OR guild website address

On that note, are there any other games YOU would like to play as part of the Wolf Pack Samurai guild? Let us know here, on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/WolfPackSamurai) or on the STEAM guild group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wolfpacksamurai)!

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